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To keep this community clean for all community members, and also possible visitors to this site, the founder would like all community members to follow the guidelines to the best of their abilities. It's our promise to keep this site clean so that all community members can enjoy it forever!

Community Guidelines Edit

Positive Rules

  • Respect community members
  • Play your part in building the community and it's promise

Negitive Rules

These are various acts that will not be tolerated in this community:

  • Excessive spamming
  • Any form of graphic and/or explicit context
  • Solicting personal information out of other community members (Be careful when giving out personal information to strangers and even friends online!! It's not safe!!)
  • Bad language
  • Duplicate accounts

Other Rules

  • Chatlogs can be used to report any trouble that might harm the community, or the integrity of a community member. Chatlogs should be reported privately to trusted staff so that they can provide a proper solution to it.
  • If something looks offensive or questionable, report it anyway to trusted staff so that it can be looked into. All reports whether small are big are appriciated by the community staff!